On the Death of Philando Castile.

My heart overflows and aches for lost lives. Again. And again. And again, and again…

These black and brown communities are being bled out. It’s members are disregarded and deemed disposable. And as much as I believe our communities have the power to incite change, it’s hard to feel anything but helpless. But still, as disheartening as reality may be, I can’t give up hope.

It’s hard to form words through the heartache. But overall, please… Check your privilege. Show compassion. Do research. Wake up & join movements.

Advocate for systematic change.

We deserve so much better.

Originally a Facebook post on July 7, 2016.

It seems a little silly.

It seems a little silly to try and figure our a clever way to form a fresh start. Life isn’t made of fresh starts. I haven’t stopped existing since my last post. So perhaps the best way to venture forward with this blog is by revisiting some of the thoughts and topics I’ve already touched upon.

Some of these may have been Facebook statuses, or shares. Maybe a few were even Instagram captions. Perhaps I said all I wanted to, or perhaps I’ll elaborate. But I am a person, not a novel. There are no opening and ending credits here. So I think the best way to get into the swing of things might be just catching you up on the way things have already been swinging.